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Differential equations define nature; our job is to recognize and replicate their awesomeness into our designs. We pat the curious mind and smack the sleepy head until they create something breathtaking. Welcome to Artem Academy, the gateway to the astounding side of engineering. Our team comes to work every day because we love sensible designs and enjoy perfecting them. We truly believe that knowledge is best shared and so we are excited to share our expertise with you in the field of CAE along with the design. Come and join us in the Best CAD & CAE training institute in India for the steep learning curve.


Sunitha Namburu


Learning is a deep curve for growing and provides opportunities to reach your dream job.
If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door with our industry experts.

Our founder Sunitha Namburu has 15+ years of industry experience from the top MNC companies and versatile teaching experience. She has complete knowledge of CAE and CFD along with technical know-how of engineering mechanics and much more.

  • She has a patent on “Structural Analysis Model Review System (ANSYS) “

  • Her achievements extended to – Six Sigma Green Belt

  • She has 10+ national and international paper publications and conferences.

  • She was awarded numerous times for the automation process on cost reduction process.


Her experience ranges from simulation of simple to complex such as implicit, non-linear, fatigue, rigid dynamics, fracture, failure, explicit, thermal, fluent along with the design on multiple software tools for various industrial components.

Finally, her goal is to build high-performance organizations that make a difference in people’s thinking by utilizing the gained knowledge to share with the young engineers for their career growth development and to achieve greater heights.


Kavitha Devabhaktuni


Our co-founder Kavitha Devabhaktuni was an alumnus of the top-ranked engineer college from India, NIT Surathkal in the field of Structural Analysis of Building.

Her 12+ experience in various environments starting from MNC to start-ups such as ATKINS, Shradha Design Tech Pvt Ltd, Total Environment building systems, in which she played a crucial role in the development of the company.  She worked on various building structures which include irregularities & much more complexities for both residential & commercial buildings.

She is specialized in the field of design & analysis for high rise structures by using ETABS, SAFE, STAAD, PROKON, REVIT & AUTOCAD along with the theoretical knowledge

Her main goal is – to bring alertness & guide aspiring to the field structural engineers about need & respect to the design-build for a better society. Also, to share gained experience & best practices for the upcoming designers for their career growth. Open to accept consultancy works/guidance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable engineers towards strengthening their capacity to perform high quality research in the field of science and technology in order to make world a better place.

Our Vision

Aspiring leaders in innovation and technology.