ANSYS Workbench Online Course in India

Artem Academy is the top choice for the best ANSYS Workbench online course in India. With expert instructors and a comprehensive curriculum, students gain the skills to tackle real-world engineering challenges effectively. From basic concepts to advanced simulations, Artem Academy empowers learners to master ANSYS Workbench with confidence.

Leading Ansys Workbench Training Providers In India

Artem Academy stands as the premier provider of Ansys Workbench training in India. With a commitment to excellence, we offer unparalleled training experiences that empower individuals and professionals with the skills to master Ansys Workbench.

Our comprehensive courses are designed to cater to diverse learning needs, ensuring participants gain proficiency in simulation, engineering analysis, and problem-solving using Ansys Workbench. As the trusted name in the field, Artem Academy continues to shape the future of engineering education in India.

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Learn Ansys Workbench Course in India by Industry Experts 

At Artem Academy, we take pride in being a leading provider of ANSYS Workbench training in India. Our brand name is synonymous with quality and excellence, backed by a team of seasoned instructors who are experts in their field. We understand the importance of hands-on learning and offer a practical, industry-focused curriculum that ensures our students gain the knowledge and expertise required to excel in engineering simulations.

What sets our ANSYS Workbench training apart is our commitment to personalized guidance and support. Our instructors go the extra mile to address individual learning needs and provide continuous assistance throughout the course. We believe in fostering a collaborative learning environment, encouraging students to interact and exchange ideas, enriching their overall experience.

Artem Academy’s ANSYS Workbench training covers a wide range of topics, including structural analysis, fluid dynamics, thermal simulations, and more. Whether you are a student, working professional, or a seasoned engineer looking to enhance your skills, our courses are designed to cater to all skill levels.

Join us at Artem Academy and unlock your potential with the best ANSYS Workbench training in India. Gain a competitive edge in the industry, advance your career prospects, and make a significant impact on the world of engineering simulations. Your success is our priority, and we are dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to take on complex engineering challenges with ease.

Our Ansys Workbench Training Course Curriculum

1. Fundamentals Of Fem/Fea

  • Where FEM stands in the product life cycle
  • Introduction to the Finite Element Method
  • Definition, uses, importance and need of the Finite Element Method?
  • History of FEM and before FEM
  • Basic concepts of Strength of materials, Free body diagram
  • Need to assumptions and check for approximations
  • How to check accuracy based on assumptions made?
  • Definition and need of different types of analysis

2. Introduction To Workbench

  • • Overview
  • • Project Schematic
  • • Standalone models & shared models
  • • Stages of the analysis/ simulation models
  • • Definition of material properties
  • • Engineering Data and calculations
  • • About unit system

3. Design Modular​

  • How to Sketch
  • Modify sketch and dimension
  • Geometric Creation
  • 1D truss & frame model (in 3D space)
  • 2D surface (Plane stress, Plane strain, symmetric & so on) , shell models
  • 3D models
  • Parts & Assemblies

4. Mechanical Meshing​

  • Need of mesh
  • • Types of elements & its applications
  • Global setting for mesh creation
  • Sizing (edge, surface & volume)
  • Mesh method
  • Refinement & Pinch
  • Inflation
  • Mesh metrics & quality checks

5. Loads, Boundary Conditions & Solution Setting​

  • Constrain Equation
  • Component creation
  • Different types of load ( uniform, concentrated, variable, pressure, temperature..)
  • Analysis setting
  • Output File debugging

6. Analysis

  • 1D Truss & frames Models
  • 2D surface ( plane stress, plane strain, symmetric & so on) – 2D plane
  • 2D shell models  – 3D space
  • 3D models

7. Results

  • • Verification & validation
  • • Plots – deflections, stress & etc
  • • Reaction loads
  • • Results interpretation
Ansys Workbench Course in India

Leading Ansys Workbench Training Providers In India

With a track record of training over 500 students, Artem Academy stands tall as the top choice for Ansys Workbench training in India. Our brand is synonymous with quality education and practical skills development. As the preferred destination for those seeking expertise in simulation and analysis through Ansys Workbench, we continue to lead the way in shaping skilled engineers and professionals across the country.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered all common questions below that you might have about the workshop. For any further queries, please contact:

You can learn Ansys workbench from concept to expert within a time period of 1 month, but to provide more flexibility are giving grace period of 4 months to complete the course

Ansys workbench is used in many industries varying from small to large and provide accurate results for any type of analysis we perform. It helps to calculate strength, stiffness, durability, fatigue etc on the components

Yes, you will receive a course completion certificate after completion of the Hypermesh module in the provided tenure.

  • If you are curious to learn about the analysis of various component in different domains such as automotive, bio-medical, aerospace, heavy industry & so on, ansys is the best apt tool to start with.


The ANSYS Workbench online course by Artem Academy is a comprehensive training program designed to teach participants the fundamentals of using ANSYS Workbench for simulation and analysis in engineering.

The course is open to engineering students, professionals, and enthusiasts who want to enhance their skills in utilizing ANSYS Workbench for various engineering applications.

Yes, the course is designed to accommodate beginners. It starts with the basics and gradually progresses to more advanced topics, ensuring everyone can follow along.